Lost 3 Vegas

  • My yearning for symmetry and reflections perhaps underscores a psychological post-it to my profile. I don’t remember the hotel – maybe Wynn – but what does it matter. So many hotels in Las Vegas, like many aspects of the main drag, are facades that disguise the sameness behind the doors.

    Of course, this unlabeled lobby in some hotel could be the same in any city and that perhaps makes me ponder the deeper meaning here – that the exquisite experience of the travel lies beyond the carefully, generically crafted work of touristy areas.

    Yah – I’m going with that.

    This reminds me of the shot in Roppongi Hills, on the top floor, where I captured a reflection of visitors off the floor and light off the huge windows. This image is a mere shadow of it, lacking the scale and people.

    Going back to the silliness of 7 photos to avoid, I think I managed to avoid the¬†overwrought examples cited there so I’ve managed to accomplish one thing this week.