Chasing 5

  • My last trip…egads…completed nearly a year ago…

    wait – this picture was taken 362 days ago.

    That blows my mind, for some reason.

    I had many “gets” this time around, some new and some to revisit. I tried my best to time the travel to blossoming, but I was a little late. Plus, the weather wasn’t cooperating with me but was doing a bonnie job of separating petal from flower.

    So, this scene, of petals on the ground, was a common one in Hiroshima. A shame, since Miyajima was so nice the last time I visited. No sun this time around – it rained the whole day, testing and besting my best efforts at waterproofing. Not a complete wardrobe malfunction, though.

    Fortunately, the rain let up in the evening and I was able to get my night shots of the memorial, museum and surrounding area. I like empty benches. I read to much into it, but I’m thinking it reminds me of the Five Lakes hike – signs of habitation but no life around.

    Yah – that sounds good.