Chasing 4

  • Aagh – a bounce back to the Failed Summit and missed blossoms. I took a bus to the Five Lakes area around Mt. Fuji. Not an easy feat, given language and bus transfers…

    Arrived to an area enshrouded in mist, no sun, cold with some rain. Desolate – no one around – it was surreal to walk without seeing anyone. Evidence of life is there – cars, homes and tended gardens. Just no people.

    It fit the somber mood.

    I walked quite a bit that day, nourished by Meiji dark chocolates and a Mos Burger at the end, if I recall correctly.

    I find this park, petals blanketing the ground, yelling at me the fact I’ve missed the blossoming window. It’s funny – I can recall the sting of cold, the endless walking, the solitude of it all. At the time, quite miserable, but now it’s chalked up as a colorful experience and in fact, I miss that I didn’t photograph more for memory sake.

    Taken with my earlier camera and then I beat the poor JPG to death with over processing, mainly with sharpen – as was the custom at the time.