Chasing the blossom

  • A year has elapsed…days pass by so quickly…a year since my last visit to Japan and I’ve barely touched the surface of going through the memories of that trip.  This year was supposed to be the visit to Sapporo, to see the ice festival.

    Another year, perhaps.

    I made the honest mistake at work once scheduling a business trip to Japan the first week of April, arriving to the realization that it was an extended holiday for the country. I’m not sure why my boss or coworkers didn’t bring this up. Nevertheless, it was a pleasant introduction to hanami, an intoxicating blend of serenity and frivolity with the dark undertone of a quickly passing life.

    So, while I can’t make it this year, I can recap earlier moments to keep the memory fresh and like the blossom, all too short-lived.

    Near the Hiroshima Memorial, our timing was impeccable as we arrived at peak blossoming, of which I haven’t repeated only once before and not since that last visit.