My K Eye

  • Thinking of the Kaleidoscopic Eye made me thinking of a not-too-dissimilar effect, this time from the top of the Skytree.  The main observation deck is where I spent some time admiring the vista but then I hear of this other upper level and I have to go up. Minutes are ticking by, getting closer to closing time. This is my last evening in Japan.

    I can measure it in hours.

    Skytree was a target to capture. First time visiting, last time admired from afar in it’s incomplete dress. Now is different, but I want to see it all.

    This torus-shaped hallway greets the visitors to move around. I believe we are now about 450 meters up.

    For me, there’s is no higher.

    This image is one of many, to form a collage of a kaleidoscopic memory that is still to this date forming and shifting towards a closure of sorts.