• An early solo exploration of the country, not driven by work but by a desire to explore.  Coming across the same Mori Building I’ve seen in the past so many times, having traveled so often, dining in the Starbucks in the lobby, cafe mocha and banana for breakfast. Security pass in hand, moving around to the mid-level floors, noting the sanitized work environment and the difference from home.

    This time is different. No security pass.

    But I remember the art museum at the top floor. I want to catch the view that I’ve briefly seen before. Now, I want to relish it. The art museum exhibit is an unexpected bonus. One of those things you stumble upon just by exploring.

    This brochure is something from that moment. I generally don’t keep knick-knacks like this, but this postcard reminds me of that are exploration moment and the serendipity I experienced in this seemingly random visit.