bridal command

  • bluesky death /slow burning lights fades away too…cut copy / strangers in the wind.

    it’s a solid roll o’ the dice

    and somehow, appropriately so given the image I find drifting into view. I find a strong desire to input some humanity. A rare moment of review and the realization that I have a “body of work,” I see many architectural images – fantastic, delicious geometry – so easy to drop it into b&w to focus on the converging lines, criss-cross patterns and stark edginess of unsoft materials.

    but i’m missing something…

    besides proper capitalization and following basic grammar.

    I’m missing people, figuratively and I find, literally.

    like HERE and HERE.

    So I search and search and search. So few, my reticent to photography people in full, private display in my perusal of the “body of work.”

    Then I recall – the Sagano bamboo forest outside Kyoto – the bride and groom, dancing photographer getting the shots.

    I surreptitiously capture one and as is so often the case, the beauty of the image unfolds over careful review of people, action and setting. Add the 4th dimension of memory and it form a personal, colorful remembrance.