What else is there///

  • ///by Royskopp seems to read my mind of thoughts that pervade my day…

    Not one to be a dreamer, in the figurative or literal sense, a few days ago I wake and a dream is vividly remembered.  The fragmented details of an alternate reality that make no sense whatsoever, seeming to joint several “story lines” and then fused together. I’m me but I’m not and characters populate my dream that have no connection to my waking life. It’s confusing but because I recall it all, it’s a rare glimpse into the cacophony of free thought – the chaos the inhabits the mind during the sleeping hours when it isn’t tethered by an active consciousness.

    It’s all so deliciously sci-fi-ish.

    The Royskopp music vid and the song itself are so apropos – it’s serendipitous – as well as this picture. Meandering in Yokohama near the last half of the last trip, returning back to Tokyo after the rapid trip to Nagasaki, Hiroshima and Kyoto, I’ve budgeted four hours to see the pier and the bay, but walking around I remember this sculpture and it’s mixed up metalness seems to sit well with the pretzel twist imagery of how I’m portraying my sleeping mind.

    If I recall, there’s a Krispy Kreme behind me in this shot, that I’m about to partake in.

    Now that’s serendipity.