never enough stars

  • If there’s something you can count on in Spanish architecture is the concept of a central plaza. I had visited years ago but this visit was just the beginning. Having flown into Lima, in the interest of time I connected directly to Cuzco and thus, spent my first evening in the charming town.

    Oh my how it’s changed.

    Directly behind this fountain, on the 2nd floor of the building next to the church, there’s a Starbucks. While this was a source of comfort to me, as my travel breakfast can easily consist of a coffee and pastry, it really speaks to how mucho max commercial it has become from the last visit, when I thought it was already pretty accommodating for tourists.

    Maybe next time I visit, there’ll be a Walmart.

    So, after checking into the hotel, I rushed out to catch the fleeting last minutes of a beautiful post-sunset lighting, before the sky turned into abject black, after which it was chased down with some delicious thin-crust pizza…all necessary prep for the early start to the Inca Trail the following day.