a simple pleasure

  • taking advantage of the time available during the holidays, I decided to do the responsible thing and rectify the computer issues that were cropping up. Relatively minor but issues nonetheless. During this time tore into the delicate order of my technology work hub, clipping zip ties and shuffling everything around. Over the course of a month, errors were found and time was eaten with no apparent limit. At the end, rectification was found, but alas, my groove was upchucked from it’s rut.

    Enter new music , which sometimes finds a way to re-source my inspirative qualities. One of the simple pleasures is to relish in the discovery of new music. The early stage of appreciation seems like there’s no limit to how much a song can be repeated. Relish this stage as it goes by quickly!

    My latest muse in Cut Copy, of which the video, “Hearts on Fire” was shot in Japan, recognizably. Another is Death Cab Cutie’s “Soul Meets Body.” Both have a simple visual imagery which I’m also gets me thinking beyond the aural layer.

    From this soup of inspiration, I find myself thinking of the lonely sunrise at Mono Lake.

    That and the goading of a friend. you know who.G.are.