Brought to you By

  • Not a shameless attempt to advertise, though the framing of the shot seems to send a not-so-subtle message as in, This Adventure is brought to you by Land Rover.  Not my intent but more of the recollection of the evening, yet another by Mono Lake. Brilliant back-lit cloud-streaked sky, with the full moon and it’s unyielding brightness, I rather liked the reflections it cast on the vehicle.  In spite of the darkness, a bump in the ISO and large aperture provides a decently sharp shot.

    I overthought what do I want my last post of 2013 to be. Mind pushing into blocked corners, resulting in no brilliant idea, I settled on the simple, continuing my trend of last images and in the end, I guess the image choice reflects the mood of this New Year’s Eve – a certain somberness of reflecting on this past year, a certain looking forward-ness-to of the upcoming year and a certain celebration of the blessing that this day is no more complicated or joyous then the prior 364 days – since they are all good days – brought to me by my Creator.