Discover my Swing Tree

  • And when I thought that I could no longer tolerate the repetition of Pandora, having skipped my way to the end of the world playlist, breaking through the algorithms that fine-tuned my channels…so it’s no surprise that my ears just needed time to stop crying at the aural assault I was subjecting them to.

    One of the early milestones we tried to achieve when building a video game was a demonstration of the gameplay as well as try to set a tone for the visuals and atmosphere. this was done in an effort to qualm management fears, to see that there was something real and playable as well as provide confidence to everyone involved that the game wasn’t a nebulous concept.

    This scene reminds me of such a moment – a video game level set in Notre Dame – lighting reflecting off the polished floor. It was for PS2 and Xbox, thus dating myself, with gameplay inspired by Devil May Cry, further dating myself.

    It was good.

    I study the scene further and see other similarities – the statue, the paintings and pattern on the floor – even the seating around the statue seems to have the digital floating-ness above the surface. There’s even a cross on the roof, completing the religious motif.

    Disconnected scenes of life spanning over the years, forced together into an order that only I’m going to see.