• The treadmill of photo processing keeps cranking away, shades of endless, step-by-step movement on a digital conveyor belt. The memories revisited are not mass-produced, though, as I recall distinct moments. seeing family and friends enjoying their experiences as I float like some sort of image-recording phantasm. Alas, the fate of the documentarian to engage in the moment but always having that floating eye surveying the scene.

    Am I living life or directing one?

    There’s no hint of regret or sadness in that statement, as no doubt it’s a question the prolific family photographer faces several times. The evidence is there – how many images come up with the keyword “ME?”

    Fortunate for me, born with a face for radio…

    I’m being overly dramatic – the music is making me wordy. That is No Surprise…

    I’m looking at a batch of photos from when i visited Mono Lake. I saw the sun rise through and over the tufa and then returned in the evening to see a full moon haunt the lake’s edge. A rare moment to see such disparity in lighting over a short period of time.  The moonlight photos are going to need some work, to accurately recreate the mood.

    In the meantime, here’s a mono rock with a multihued sunrise.