42 squares of grey

  • Traveling for some time to get to the island, it was with some elation to finally see it come to view in the distance, slowly getting larger. Our boat wasn’t large – perhaps a max. capacity of 50…and we weren’t at capacity.

    Weather was nice, so far.

    The path was neatly carved out for us to follow. A wide concrete walkway, seawall on one side, fence on the other , ruins beyond. Time is limited and the guides are delivering their monologues, of which I pick up on sparsely.

    I like concrete. I’ve worked with concrete, countertops and such. It’s not an easy material to manipulate but it has a definite weight to it’s presence as well a solidity of immovability.  So, to see it crumbling, breaking down – I think it hits a societal nerve, that this rock we craft is not impervious and within decades – a generation – it starts to expose it’s rusting, metal skeleton.

    There is no shortage of ruins to view from our own neatly paved sidewalk, with plenty of failing geometric patterns in view