…and the cupboard was (nearly) bare…

  • As I take a break from my regular scheduled programming of my 232-part series on Japan travel…

    The last post, with thoughts of Gunkanjima and urban exploration on the mind, brought to my memory scenes from Bodie ghost town.  Located within Bodie State Historic Park, it’s well-preserved considering it sits at over 8,000 feet elevation is snow blankets the area during winter. Maintained by state, it’s an experience to walk among the remaining buildings, a shadow of what used to be.

    Like Gunkanjima, relics of the time are on display in several locations. Unlike Gunkanjima, we can actually freely walk around the area and even access the interior of a couple buildings. This particular example was part of a three-room exhibit, showing a kitchen, living room (of sorts) and bedroom.

    Dusty seats, untended plates, rusting hardware – all speak to abandonment, lending a spookiness to the scene which adds to the fascination with such matters. It’s the whole matter of looking at what’s in front of you – while providing clues and answers to what it was like in the past, it also raises more questions…as my eyes are drawn to the cupboard.