you know everything about me

  • The 6D is a convenient camera. One of the features I enjoyed most was the built in GPS, saving me the work of pinpointing where photos were taken by automatically including the coordinates in the metadata. In my renewed interest in trying to maintain structured keywords and tags, anything that helps in that endeavor is going to be greeted with a smile.

    On my way to Gunkanjima, the boat makes one last stop at a museum that goes over the history of the island. Two stories but not particularly large, it has relics from when the island was full of life. To see the extent of the mining operations and the resulting lives created around that is impressive and sobering. While the island itself has many artifacts strewn about, making it a popular target for URBEX, you really can’t access them so the museum serves as a display of some of the more prominent pieces, especially as related to the mining operation.  The statue of the family further drives the lesson home – father, mother and child.