• It’s been a long time since I visited Bodie Ghost Town but it was a must see. I’d like a chance to get up there during the winter months, when the crowds are less and the environment is less hospitable, going so far as reserving a spot for an evening photo tour…a future plan…

    While exploring the park in all of it’s ruined splendor, near lunch we noticed a large plume of clouds over the horizon. Not familiar with the varied weather patterns of Northern California, when shades of ominous gray and orange started forming, it was an indication this wasn’t a microburst but some sort of fire. Clouds add drama to the featureless blue sky I’m accustomed to in SoCal, so it was a memorable event. After returning from the trip I learned of the Yosemite fires burning in the area, but the plumes near Bodie were related to a lightning strike. Impressive formations but the realization of what caused them gave our smiling family photos in the foreground a discordant tone.

    Reviewing photos, I thought it interesting the different perspectives taken.  The one above is a stitched from 17 different images, but I also shot single frame landscape…

    2013-08-18 13h25m30s Canon EOS 5D Mark II

    and portrait:

    2013-08-18 13h24m36s Canon EOS 5D Mark II

    Of course the lens itself introduces some distortion, alleviated somewhat by Lightroom’s tools, but I do find that I’ll take different angles of a shot and sort it out later, studying what accentuates the subject of the image and in general just…seeing, trying to learn so that I refine my photographic intuition.

    The stitched photo at the top is also one of the many types of shots I find I use regularly. I like to think of it as a tool in the toolbox.  There are many shots possible and the pano-stitch is one of the “tools” I reach for.