true…so true

  • OST from SH2 reverberates in my echo chamber…

    Nagasaki…Mt. Inasa…good city view…but as I watch the light fade away, replaced by tungsten and fluorescent starlights, my eyes are drawn to the right. Two white arrows pierce the darkness.

    I see it – Megami Bridge.

    It’s an unexpected visual delight. Dramatically lit with reflecting water enhancing the view, I crave to shoot it…and I do. One shot is above. Another is below:

    2013-04-04_03h38m08s_Canon EOS 5D Mark II

    The results are mixed. While the top photo is pleasing in it’s symmetry, the lack of the 2nd tower really takes away from the reality. Plus, the purple lights are groovetastic. Spending far too much time looking at both, I’m no closer to selecting one I like best. It comes down to composition. In the bottom photo, I couldn’t get a clean shot around the foreground . Another lesson to strive to get the shot right while in the moment…

    I’ll keep both, despite my innate urge to keep duplicate photos to a minimum. It’s that kind of flexibility that helps me grow as a person.