Wisps of Memories

  • Finally breaking through the multitude of photos, quickly scanning through the souvenirs of thoughts, some blurry, many unremarkable, others personal, I stumble upon something that catches my eye, tantalizing me to delve further into it’s world.

    All the while, I’m looking for a soundtrack that will tease the words out of me. Perhaps There is a Light that Never Goes Out, but it eventually ends and I’m searching yet again…

    One of the destinations I sought to visit in Lima was the Parque de la Reserva. With multiple, colored fountains, it’s an *absolute* must-see.  While the weather was on the cooler side, the magnetic effect of children-to-water overpowers the need to remain warm. My childlike giddiness at such a visually-rich feast is on full display and I’m overwhelmed by the sheer potential of this location..

    …knowing full well that I’m not going to have enough time to quench my photographic thirst.

    The fountains themselves have a temporal quality to them, analagous to memory. Water, jetting out from the centers – strong, forceful and well-defined – arc gracefully into the atmosphere, traveling further away until all that’s left is the mere wisp of where they came from.