Oh, My Personal Escher

  • Air travel invariably means much wasted time in the terminal under the guise of multiple lines of what-ifs…

    what if the traffic to the airpot is delayed?
    what if ticket check in is crowded?
    what if the security checkpoint line is slow?

    In my case at Narita Airport, what if the Mcdonalds line is long?

    Fortunately, none of the above, leaving me with the luxury of a leisurely exploration of my surroundings and the ensuing search for a restroom, upon which I gaze down and see the ubiquitous escalators that have greeted me in so many instances around this country.. While it’s outside the scope of my intent to document the multitudes of escalators in Tokyo, this view grabs my attention for it’s Escher-esqueness, leaving me confused and contemplative of a complicated journey…

    …ok, maybe not.