there and back again…

  • …to borrow from a little hobbit…and I almost forget how to post a simple missive, but it’s so easy to procrastinate, especially when the past few months have been filled with anything but writing.

    A journey to Japan, but an unusual early blossoming means I get there at the tail-end and miss the opportunity to see the weeping tree in Kyoto that so impressed me years ago. There’s no time to be disappointed, however, as this was a whirlwind tour, utilizing the 7-day JR Rail Pass for a 5=city tour.

    While that would normally satisfy, what’s a spring trip without a summer chaser to Peru?  The Inca Trail that I missed last year welcomed me, along with truly unusual weather conditions. Another chance as well to tighten the familial bonds and to delve beyond the surface appreciation of a society and culture, which apparently included a whipping.

    So, traveling on the highway south along the Peruvian coastline, approaching Huacachina, I’m reminded of how Japan and Peru are tied together with this sign that just brings it to a point. It humors me, but smiles turn to frowns when I find out the unfortunate history of Sr. Jose Yamashiro. The signs are remnants from a past campaign – one that he did not win. It is not in vain, though, as his name will remain in my memory – as an artifact of the duality of my 2013 experience.