look…and found

  • A simple day trip to Joshua Tree National Park…with recollections of an earlier trip  vivid in my mind…however, I’m not going to able to recreate the epic hike that scaled a plateau scribed simply as “Prospect.” A challenge for another time…

    This trip is no less memorable. A more-tiring-than-usual hike to one of the mines during the daytime heat peak wears us out, so we traverse the Geology Trail in air-conditioned comfort. Mid-day well behind us, we stop at Squaw Tank to indulge in some bouldering in the setting sunlight.

    The desolate quietness of the scene tickles memories etched deep, bringing forth sublime moments of reflection, warming heat of a campfire underneath a blanket of dazzling starlight…and I think that, perhaps, I’ve found something that I’ve been looking for.