No Russian on Red

  • Sunshine City was a fairly close location to my last lodging. Thankfully so, as it meant I wandered around less often than usual in trying to get my bearings. As is the case, I finally get used to it on my last day. Alas, the worries of travel – a not-so-serious problem, of course.

    I remembered the last time there, getting to the top of Sunshine 60 to soak in the view.  The propensity of hearts around the observation area reminded me of the time around Valentine’s, but the lack of Februariness on the calendar struck that down. Now that I reflect on it, I ponder the idea that perhaps Japanese society suffers from an overindulgence in being marketed to. Everything is iconified in a cute, non-offensive manner, pulling from a variety of sources and mish-mashed together. It’s part of what makes it so unique a place and certainly target rich for photography.

    I need to get my post-travel journal together, but the abundance of images slows me down considerably.  The nuances of the trip get cloudier with each passing day. However, when I see these two, sitting/napping/falling over on the couch, soaking in the horizon, their relaxation becomes mine and I say to myself what their body language whispers, “What’s the rush?”