welcome home

  • It’s always nice to come home to open arms.

    Google purchased Nik Software, the creator of well-regarded various image post-processing tools.  About a month ago, they reduced the price for the bundle from $499 to $149, so I purchased them but as yet hadn’t really used them much…until now.

    Again, roll in the dreaded workflow…

    Inspired in part by Ron Martinsen’s posts at a “Nothing but Nik” post-process walkthrough of his images, I’ve started using these new tools.  I researched online a bit and found this workflow that seems to work with my head and I’m pretty pleased with the results.

    I’m not pleased with the dramatic increase in time it takes to go through my photos, though.

    However, as in all doors that can close, some open and it’s no different in this respect. I’m going to have to be more selective on my selects that will go through this laborious manhandling. If anything, it should hopefully refine my photographic sensibilities and motivate me to look at the underlying fundamentals of a photograph before delving into the world of sliders and multiple TIF files.

    At least, that’s the hope.

    Sacraamento, Sutter’s Fort – to imagine living conditions in the mid-19th century, where natural light was your best source. Lighting contrast at mid-day must had been hard on the eyes, but no matter how dark inside becomes, it’s a welcome home compared to the alternative of sleeping outside.