603 days

  • Final moments in Narita Airport, patiently waiting for boarding time. This is not an entirely new experience, but I like to savor life’s moments. I truly cannot reflect on this one until I see the photographic history edited in front of me, however.

    Rarely do we get to ponder the number of days that stream by our existence. Hectic life cycles are broken into twenty four hour increments, further discriminated down to the minute. It’s easy to focus on the granularity of our time. Is it our nature, to so easily delve into short-sighted vision? Is it society, that screams for our attention on the minutae of the How we live our lives? Perhaps it’s self-inflicted, where our responsibilities pull us in every direction until we gasp to be under a state of non-tension?

    Yah – all that sounds good, but still – it’s irrelevant to ponder the why. We have been given an amount of time to live here and I’m commanded to live it in a certain manner.

    Still, when I’m looking out this window…
    2013-04-02_16h00m43s_Canon PowerShot S95-3648 x 2736

    …603 days have passed since I’ve seen this similar view…

    …and the scale of life shrinks a bit more.