Walking on a Dream

  • Thousands of miles covered and yet one word to be written, demonstrating the influence of images to stoke the fire of vocabulary on my failing imagination.  My burgeoning photo library has just burst at the seams, so digital housekeeping is the first order of the day, but I’m eager to start penning memories to bits while they’re fresh in mind, from the bumpy flight to Narita, the all-to-brief evening in Ikebukuro followed by 48-hour interludes in Nagasaki, Hiroshima, Kyoto and Yokohama/Tokyo, interconnected by an increasingly worn Japan Rail Pass.  Some moments seem absolutely glacial in passing, while others scream by with alacrity, wondering how I can squeeze a few more minutes of experience. Nevertheless, all comes to an end. The joy of a shuttering life passes to the burden of editing and framing.

    Unlike the widely-used Shinkansen, this track on the way to Carrizo Gorge lays unused. Passing through over a dozen tunnels on the approximately 16-mile roundtrip hike, the cooling shade was welcoming, though an earlier encounter with a rattlesnake left us all on edge.