The Half Life of a Circle

  • While chewing through the backlog of undeveloped photos, I sometimes get a bit frustrated at the quantity of average photos. I’m not necessarily referring to the subject matter, as pictures of family, friends and locations that have personal meaning carry a weight on their own. However, in the desire to improve the craft, I like to take a critical eye to each…

    …after which, my eye hurts.

    After thinking for a couple days, lighting certainly is a strong factor. People, a subject which I’m careful to shoot, are another consideration.  Both of these are dynamic and fleeting, so by nature more difficult to capture than, say, the shadows of a rim of a trash receptacle scoring the sidewalk.

    Nevertheless, it’s these two areas that I’ll focus on in my upcoming photographic endeavors and see how I can yield results that I’ll be, on average, more satisfied with.