Emergent Vanishment

  • <…Titles get stranger as I struggle my way to the triple-digit posting…>

    How few sunrises we actually catch in our lifetime. I find it sobering that each year, I have the 365-odd sunrises and sunsets – how many to I avail myself to. With sunrises in particular, the feeling of a new day being born is so very uplifting. The dynamic nature the world changes in front of us as the sun creeps up puts the relative staleness of the rest of the day to shame.

    I’m walking around the UCSD Medical Campus prior to sunrise and marvel as the deep, blue hour take over. There’s no way to rush through the variable lighting, but I explore my surrounding and as is so often the case, come across a beautiful vanishing point perfectly reinforced by it’s architectural accoutrements, with an emerging new light banishing the darkness away.