Window of Contemplation

  • A recent excursion had me thinking about the nature of my photographic endeavor. Sure, some individuals need this type of expedition to not only satiate but recharge their creativity, of which their livelihood depends on.  To a degree, I can relate and agree, the need to inject a little Red Bull in your life to push yourself a bit further and consider where you’ve been and where you’re going. However, there’s still this uneasiness within regarding the overall direction of this effort. I generally write it off to the wanderlust of man – that even in the best of circumstances, one still seeks to fill a self-inflicted void.

    Maybe I’m just over-thinking it.

    A walk through Sutter’s Fort and there’s a group dressed in period pieces. One sits next to a window and the lighting, costume, natural pose – the scene – all come together. I manage to capture something – an imperfect view of a windowed glow that puts me in a contemplative mood.