Affect-us Art

  • I recall a random visit to Mori Art Musuem in Roppongi. Traveling there prior, I was familiar with the observation deck on the top floor and this visit was no different in my desire to visit the top. On a whim, I decided to try something new and tack on the admission to the museum up there.. Exhibition was modern art, of which I saw everything in a moderately brisk pace. It was about a week later when I recall the impact some of the art made on me. Very hard to describe, but I still have a couple postcards from that visit. It left me wondering…is this art merely affectatious or does it really affect us?  The only way I could tell was – and is – the subtle discoloration left on the memory afterwards.

    Testing this hypothesis several years afterwards at LACMA, this piece still keeps me wondering. There are others, but the stack of tilted plates, was one that faced me upon entrance and so it dutifully earns the place of first impression…which it made.