No Escape

  • I look at photos from the past, when I discovered the joy of digitally processing my images. In those days – how quaint – when just a lad was I, it was with reckless abandon that I mercilessly slid the sliders, back and forth, yielding wild colors and garish halos.

    What a foolish lad…

    Shooting in JPEG, with no knowledge of RAW, I baked my pictures pressing the shutter. Then I overcooked them after importing them. It’s with shame I see, image after image, where I can no longer reverse the damage done. My only hope would be to revisit, but what an imperfect answer to an avoidable crime.

    Then I see the multitude of present-day photos, that haven’t been touched by an aggressive hand. In fact, barely having been loved at all….

    I like the stages in creating these images, but at times – I know I’m not alone – at times, it feels like there’s no escape from the ever-cycling loop.