• icon·o·graph·ic  (adjective \(ˌ)ī-ˌkä-nə-ˈgra-fik\)
    Definition of ICONOGRAPHIC
    1: of or relating to iconography
    2: representing something by pictures or diagrams

    I sometimes question the investment of perishable resources, namely time, in this photographic endeavor. Of course it’s enjoyable, but to produce results I’m happy with require a significant physical and mental investment. Wouldn’t it be easier to just P&S my way through it all? The danger of living life through the eyepiece and not experiencing it – it’s real – as those moments tear away from me.


    …then I look back to see theses slivers of time captured and they’re iconic in the story of this life. With digital, there’s no shortage of raw photographic evidence. Truly the hard work comes in the effort to cull the massive data from a 3 fps video to capturing the emotion of the moment…and hopefully, that emotion can be  translated wordlessly to anyone viewing the photograph.