Feeding the Blind Chicken

  • I really enjoy the flexibility that digital imaging provides. No waiting for negatives, none of the expense of film development…those things are practically eliminated from contemporary photography workflow. However, I look at the backlog of photos that I have sitting on my hard drive, unprocessed, in RAW format and I contemplate, when shooting film, I never *had* to even think about “workflow.”

    So this is the way progress looks like…

    I can see why people fall in love with nature’s tableau in the California Sierra  Nevada Mountain Range. I find photos of my hike to Half Dome in Yosemite. One of the nice things of these extended day hikes is that we usually start in the very early morning, when it’s still dark, so our ascent intersects with a beautiful sunrise. The gorgeous light coupled with the surroundings…well, it’s like you’d actually have to work at getting a bad photograph…

    …and it just reminds me, that there may be some truth to the adage…every once in a while, a blind chicken does gets the kernel.