Oh..the pain

  • Preparation starts in full earnest for the activities planned this year, of which in order to fully enjoy the experience a certain level of physical fitness will need to be attained. To this end, I’m partaking of the local options. Using these recommendations as a guide, it’s not only a way to adequately train but also accomplish a recently-inspired personal goal.

    This past weekend was off-list, though. Santiago Peak was clearly in our sights. It’s a local mountain, only 5,689 feet, but during the nearly eight mile ascent you climb about 4,500 feet. Winter weather means cool days with clear skies and this peak would often be seen, beckoning me to scale her.

    Scaled her we did – at a 30 minute/mile pace, which for my old legs isn’t too shabby.

    I couldn’t help recollecting my thoughts from 富士山 – especially the pain on the descent. The view was spectacular, but it was very warm and everyone was just tired from our sunrise viewing at the summit. These two hikers were just one of many, pausing on the trail to recharge…

    …but I look at it now and it also captures a sense of frustration I feel about recent personal events.