Love – starbucks style

  • Ahhh…the sweet perfume of love is in the air as another Valentine’s Day rolls around and over it’s unwitting victims ensnared in it’s emotional snare.

    …sheesh…overwrought prose identified by more aloof words…

    Perhaps love for some is personified best by a face.

    20130214-215948-VX-9700-2048 x 1536

    Well, who could say no to the mustache, but I digress.

    My anecdote for this day is best summed up by a unique experience. This morning, I’m patiently waiting in the drive-thru line at Starbucks, biding the time before myself and latte are One. When I arrive at the window, the attendant kindly informs me that car (white Audi A4) in front of me had paid for my order. A bit flummoxed, I assumed it was a joke but he was quite insistent on NOT taking my payment. I felt awkward but pleasantly surprised at such a gesture. I guess a larger ego would presuppose that my stunning looks mesmerized my victim so and that my mysterious, deep eyes had coaxed her to willingly open up the wallet…

    Yah…I didn’t think so, either.

    I’m blessed to live such a fortunate life, undeservedly so with my many failings (which I *know* I will answer for).  So, quickly I decided to return the favor…to the car behind me (black Chevrolet Suburban). I don’t know who it was but I like to think that perhaps a chain reaction started and for one day, however briefly, goodwill among men existed in this small drive-thru line. Either way, I’m thankful that this all occurred at Starbucks.

    I could have been at any drive-thru window that morning…

    20130214-215933-VX-9700-2048 x 1536