Patience for the Patterns

  • Slow down…a continuous reminder to myself that “the” picture is elusive, requiring     time to meander, investigate and ponder.  It’s why, on tour groups, I’m at the tail end. On hikes, I’m the slowest. On family vacations, I’m the one not seen…

    …but that’s a different subject.

    Certainly, there are those lucky moments where reflexes and a quick autofocus can capture the moment. My professional sense dictate input that drives decisive and responsive output.

    “Just take the picture.”
    “Use the flash.”
    “It’s good enough.”

    Yielding “the” picture is not an exercise in mass-manufacturing. I can stack the odds in my favor, with multiple camera angles, good lighting, post-processing time and the like, but in the end, I gotta do the time and invest in patience.

    It was this frame of mind that I was faced with near Golden Gate Bridge. Lighting was superb, no crowds and seemingly endless time to casually peruse the inventory of shots available…an experience that I can still recall with unique clarity.