Blossoming Love

  • Maybe I have an unnatural fascination with the effervescent blossom. Perhaps I watched The Last Samurai one too many times, mesmerized by Ken Watanabe’s Samurai blissful search for that perfect cherry blossom. Could the seeds of this interest been planted decades ago, in elementary school and the introduction of a Japanese schoolfriend, specifically his box of colored pencil with the then-indecipherable katakana?  Further retrospection in thoughts conjures up memories of repeated viewings of Robotech, maturing to Macross and songs by Minmei.

    – ahhh…sweet nostalgia! Was I ever that young? –

    So, Do I Remember Love? Appropriate considering the opportune timing of Valentine’s Day fast approaching.  However, hearing wise words spoken on the matter illustrate how it’s so common to misunderstand what love truly is – the misconception that love is some sort of expression of emotion.

    Nay. A strong, durable love – one that’s meant to last the ages – prescribes action before affection. A simple example: I love my children. The strength of the love is demonstrated in my action to handle the messiness of diaper changes. Sure, I also hug and play with them, but the “tough love” I endure – the long drives to activities, time spent reviewing and correcting homework and, the ultimate action, disciplining them – over days, months and years – is what cements the love and instills it so deeply.

    So, I look upon this small creek lined with blossoming trees on Miyajima. I think of the short-lived beauty of this sight and know I’m blessed to appreciate it firsthand. For those couple of weeks, these beautiful trees punctuate the landscape brightly and then disappear, leaving us to endure another year of life before we can revisit their cycle once again.