2013…released from the cage?

  • My fingers pop and crack as I begin to type…looking at the last entry, could so much time have passed? A stark reminder of how quickly the odometer of our days roll on. However, it is with gusto that I look forward to scratching the itch that is…

    …what do I call it…

    …oh yeah…


    Of course, life hasn’t been so barren and unexciting as an empty journal would indicate. This just gives me an opportunity to backfill in memories from the past, juicily marinated by nostalgia, as I also look forward to exciting new events this coming year…or at least the 88% of 2013 that’s left.

    The surrounding iron fence on top of Sunshine 60 building provided a great view that spring day.. The strong shadows enhanced the feeling of containment, furthered by the limited time I had to be there. I’m returning to Japan soon enough. While the constraints won’t be any easier, the excitement of visiting new and revisiting old is supremely tantalizing and definitely a reason to release myself from the cage.