Which way is right…or left?

  • Life twists and turns, but as you get older, these winding roads completing our spiral of life don’t fundamentally shift who you are. As a child, you learn to figure your left/right hand dominance. Doting parents wonder as the child starts grasping everything within reach, figuring out instinctively what they prefer. Fast forward several years – adolescence gives us the opportunity to ply our left and right brain – to figure out which side of the cortex we prefer. Young adulthood reinforces this as we find our comfort zone. Our view of ourselves solidifies like some sort of cooling jelly, gaining a firmness that carries us into our professional lives.


    Now, I’ve considered myself pragmatic of sorts.  I tended towards mathematics, science, engineering, accounting and finance. A love of history would perhaps be the exception, but even that fit within my analytic perspective, since how best to learn than to study the past? All this goes to say that, in the struggle between halves, my brain veers left. Photography fits in at the nascent age of pre-teen.  I would admire the detailed illustrations of friends, but frustrate myself hammering the pencil to paper, unable to create the images in my mind.  Photography seemed like the method perfectly suited to me – where I lacked the talent of hand, technology would empower me to “draw,” using reality as the canvas.

    In my case, teenage years followed by university followed by work, crowded out that hobby. So many missed opportunities! Memories committed to my mind but nowhere else. I yearn to revisit and enhance the tableau of the memory with photographic evidence.

    Rational or reasonable…nope, so likelihood of that occurring is low.

    However, now, in my later years, freedom and flexibility enter the picture. It forces me to reconsider that reasonable rationality. It’s new ground for me. My right brain has atrophied and I’m not used to relying on it, much less calling for it. It’s like I’ve arrived at an empty subway station, not knowing which line to take.


    So, the currents of life have led me here. Where in the beginning my “self” was considered primarily unidirectional, there was this contravening current, rippling around so long ago. That current is taking hold, leaving me wondering….where does this lead to?