Stealing the Subject

  • I’m generally a private person, with this blog and various photographic outlets notable exceptions to that trait. That carries over into the photos I take, being sensitive to obvious signs of where one can expect privacy. I’m not just talking about the loo, of course, but I imagine some people find it annoying and a bit irritating if they believe a camera is around.

    This has been a tough concept for me to break from. People make a scene more interesting. As much as I like the straight, angular lines of architecture or vibrant colors of a landscape, there’s the multitude of potential human expressions that can really make a photo noteworthy.

    So, in shades of a prior blog post this one also happened as an accident. Shibuya Crossing, the scene of so many crowds. Even in this scene, my privacy filters are on. I’m doing my best to keep faces out of my viewfinder..

    However, there she is – expression frozen in that 1/160 of a moment.

    So, while the target of my focus that night was catching the iconic Shibuya 109, unlit, it was this glaring woman who stole the subject.