The little ones greet me

  • One of the unexpected pleasures of visiting a new location is the ability to be completely surprised at coming upon something unexpected. I had that experience when seeing all of the jizo statues in Zozoji Temple…just the sheer number of them…

    So, I’m finishing up my visit of LACMA. It’s getting late but I want to be thorough. I’ve gone through all the buildings and the only one left is the Pavilion for Japanese Art. It’s a small structure, bookending the row of structures at the end of a walkway. Feeling a bit drained, I enter the Pavilion, greeted by a friendly receptionist and invited to go left. I’m greeted by a gallery of over one hundred “netsuke,” elaborately carved and delicately placed side-by-side, presented in a manner that, once again…the sheer number of them all.