LA musing

  • A younger version of me used to work in Century City. My place of employment was in a 35-story building known as Fox Plaza. A nice edifice of marble and glass, it looks awfully familiar to the building in the film “Die Hard.” With good reason, too – it’s the same building. Nakatomi Plaza, as referenced in the film, is the Fox Plaza building. The parallels don’t end there. Besides my uncanny resemblance to Bruce Willis, Nakatomi Plaza was a building owned by a Japanese company. Working in Fox Plaza, I was working for a Japanese company…an experience to this day that still swims within me.

    The parallels end there between “Die Hard” and myself, but these buildings pictured above were part of the Century City business area. I always admired their appearance, being one that appreciates geometric shapes in all their angles and various symmetries. I never took the few minutes to walk to the area. I did a few weeks ago and was finally able to merge thought to reality.