Oh, my melancholic 80’s

  • While the movie was a bit of a violent affair, the music has definitely locked my interest, even to the point that recollection of scenes from the movie, tinged with the emotionality of synth and vocals from the soundtrack, have heightened my appreciation for what the director was striving to achieve. Nightcall, Under Your Spell and especially¬†A Real Hero are locked in a repeating loop that would have spelled death for any mere mechanical micro-reel-to-reel system.

    I recall the first steps coming down from the parking lot and gazing at Soka…awestruck at the serene water scene. Completely unexpected, after having lived so close for so many years to see what was there. My adult emotion in check, but the young among us have no inhibition and in a similar fashion to The Levitating Girl, glide across the ground in an unknown sense of jubilation.