my puzzling box-like doll child vending machine

  • Some may consider taking photos of museum relics akin to shooting the proverbial fish-in-the-barrel. To a degree, I agree, but it’s always held a special fascination for me, to see if I can frame the display to emphasize a different facet. In this example, it’s just a straight shot, but touring the museums last week gave me some ideas and opportunities to ply this craft.

    Brushing aside the technically-challenging environment, generally of low light and uneven crowds, I found some displays intriguing. This one just struck me as bizarre, like a sort of contraption designed with a steampunk theme after there was the steam but before the punk.

    The vividness of this display is very direct. Other displays have a more subtle effect. Like most of my museum tours, the experience weighs on a day or two after the visit, churning my thoughts. More than that…another feeling inside….best described as a stirring of the soul.