End of a long night

  • I’m a late-night owl…I admit it freely. It’s a habit that I know I shouldn’t indulge in, as it wears me out the following day, or more accurately, later in the morning. I had a run where I would go to sleep prior to midnight and still manage to function through a weary workday.

    The motivation to do that – it came from some internal, perpetual fountain of energy. I know it’s still there…I just need to take another drink.

    Another conflict to relate to – the tug between privacy and sharing. A Friday with freedom to pursue the hours with a smidge of liberty, so I try this “check-in” procedure and mobile blog posts. I get a sense of what drives people to do this, but it all seems like just too much work.

    I may do it again, but I like the leisure of posting when I feel like it, not turning this enjoyable pursuit into a sort of job that must be attended to.

    So with that, I enjoy a rare picture where I don’t overexpose the moon and that thought will carry me to slumber…