Tourist in training

  • When visiting a particular location, there’s a sense within to grab the obligatory tourist picture. I generally dread this, as the numerous photos of landmarks, by the odds, will have a much better opportunity in securing a breathtaking image and further highlighting my inadequate skills, time, experience and/or dedication to the craft. So many variables work against my self-imposed constraints. How do I steer my sightseeing to be in place for optimal lighting conditions? Will my traveling brood be cooperative? It’s almost enough to just buy the postcard and call it a day…

    However, that day wasn’t on this day, where everything synchronized in a near-perfect orchestration. Like the planets aligning, “the event” unfolded in front of me, nature putting on the show and me, giddy with excitement, with even the ocean rising up in spectacular applause, as if to give me a high-five…

    In retrospect, these moments are all too rare. Highly appreciative for the moment as well as a tantalizingly inspirational call to carry on the craft.