It was a dark and windy night

  • It was only natural that eventually I would succumb to the allure of a photowalk. Fumbling through Google+ last year, I came across one such proposed outing in Pasadena. That’s quite a haul, but I forced myself to emerge from my bunker to try this.  While I did this sort of photographic meandering in Japan a couple times, I was alone and therefore never really participated in the social aspects of such an endeavor. My self-imposed life as a hermit suits me fine, but my nagging voice said…c’mon…just try it.

    Ok – so I drove out.

    20111130-221610-Canon EOS 5D Mark II-3743 x 5615

    My sense of trepidation, really, stemmed from the uncertain nature of what the output would be like. Would this be a bust, with no good pictures to show for my investment of time? Not knowing anyone personally, perhaps the social aspects of this outing would be mostly punctuated with long moments of awkward silence. Questions while I drive. One thing I knew, though – we would be meeting at City Hall, a very photogenic building that, if captured adequately, would be a nice memento. Little did I know that there would be more than pictures that would serve to remind me of this evening.

    < Steps to back of City Hall, with stair railing shadow “painted” across the ground>

    How unpredictable circumstances can be?! On this night of all nights, this would be one of the windiest on record, causing enormous damage in Pasadena, the apparent epicenter. The drive up was uneventful, but the wind continued to pick up throughout. Dust everywhere. Grime in the eyes and ears, the folds of clothing. Nothing was spared.  However, that didn’t stop the photowalk, even if we got separated from one another.

    20111130-225947-Canon EOS 5D Mark II-5613 x 3742

    I spent quite a bit of time shooting at this location. Serene spot, really, nicely lit for the holidays and, well, I’m a fool for water features.  I look up and everyone is gone…time to go commando. I wander the streets for a while and meet up with another ‘tog that came late to the party. We walk the streets a good bit more, seeing if we can meet the other half, with nothing but desolate streets welcoming us.

    20111201-000241-Canon EOS 5D Mark II-5616 x 3744

    It’s interesting to just walk with the camera, focused completely on how to capture the flavor of the world around you on a small, digital sensor. Recollecting the days and nights in Tokyo, but this is different…good different, but I’m distinctly aware of my distance from home…and distinctly aware of what time I’d be getting home.

    Walking back to the car, the wind is really going now. It’s too bad I couldn’t somehow capture the “feeling” of the wind in a photo, but it makes me think how I could do that in the future. I hop in the car as branches break apart from trees, lending a near-apocalyptic closing note to an evening that, at this point, I still didn’t know would yield fruit…

    20111201-000804-Canon EOS 5D Mark II-5616 x 3744