Closing thoughts of 2011

  • One of my last photos of 2011. Suitably moody, but in my characteristic, amateur trademark, highlights blown out to a nuclear-explosive level…

    Couple weeks into the ’12 and I’m already a couple weeks behind. So many reminders of how quickly life can pass by, but this comment is de riguer for early January postings and no doubt something written and spoken of until reaching a peak of sickness approximating indulging in one too many egg nogs.

    So, I fire up my youtube music playlist to return me to the groove I so carefully etched myself into last year and I’m greeted by a towering list of photos to process, volunteer duties to perform, tasks to complete and plans to cement.

    First thing first – healthy physique begets a healthy mind, and my mind has been decaying as of late. Motivation is what has been lacking, in spite of a couple goals I’d like to accomplish.

    Of course, that could just be New Year euphoria speaking.

    However, nothing quite motivates as the introduction of new technology into a routine, especially for a gearhead/tech junkie/21st-century digital hipstamatic jokester. I find my ko-ka-ine in the form of LG’s HBS-700 bluetooth headphones. Finally, wireless freedom without annoying cables. Limited use of about 10 hours proves their worth. Sound great, good connection. Audio/video sync delay may be noticeable, but overall, I think I finally found my runner’s headphones.

    Take for a spin – I haven’t ran for an extended period of time in a long while. My treadmill training has been limited to 40 minutes, but the LG’s are screaming to get used outdoors. Six miles and an hour later, I’m really pleased…not with the speed but audio quality.

    For that, I have my motivation, and that should hopefully get me through 2012.