Days in the Desert

  • A new camera, besides inviting a tangible loss in cash, also stokes a renewed sense of creativity. Like some aging ghoul attempting to recapture youth, I *feel* a need to return to past locations to…test myself…teasing myself to check if I’ve earned the experience to match the new level of equipment. The impact of this is especially felt now, given the “investment” I’ve made in what has always been a hobby….but now, it’s like I’m a professional amateur.

    I had an opportunity to return to Japan and reshoot old and capture new. There is still so many local locales I wish to return to. One such place…the Ibex sand dunes. Not just for it’s majestic beauty but for it’s silence and peace. The drive there I still remember, the sense of being far away from everything, reaching a tiny cabin at the end of the trail. All great memories…

    I keep the memory fresh, so that I will see the dunes again.