End of year nostalgia

  • …and I’m recollecting. The nostalgia of the past grips me as a jazzy version of “Christmastime is Here” comes up. I get to thinking of the past and since my memory is so limited, I look back into my equally limited archives. I see an evolution in the pictures being taken and as I search, I wonder if I’ve been snapshot-ing my life memories and experiences for the past years. I’m exasperated…picture after picture…kids getting younger, going through their life exercises. The occasional “grown-up” photo, even rarer the experimental shots that help me grow.

    Am I really so limited?

    Then I come across this and I’m a bit relieved. After all the travels and moments, I finally come across a shot that has some (limited) artistic merit. I even recall taking it and for a moment, my exasperation morphs to a calm gratification, if just for a moment.